Typography of the people, by the people, for the people

Rubbish font by Frazer Price. Photo credit: img.fontspace.com

Every now and then someone takes something mundane and spins it into gold, just like Rumplestinkskin.

Today, among the angry, anxious chatter about Brexit and Trump on my Twitter feed, there came a retweet that brightened my day and made me smile:

Frazer Price has taken the trashy daubings of letters and numbers on British rubbish bins and has created something called the Rubbish Font from these found scrawls. I’m sure by now the Rubbish Font has had many more downloads. It’s the perfect typeface to express just how rubbish things are at the moment: typography of the people, by the people, for the people.

Some have been quick to see its usefulness:

From @Felstaff

Rubbish font as used by @Felstaff on Twitter

From  @Davidmason800

Rubbish font as used by @DavidMason800 on Twitter

And from @MJ_Cruickshank

Image credit: @MJ_Cruickshank on Twitter

I salute you, Frazer Price. You’ve made good use of bad rubbish …





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