Halloween typography

Now my children are teenagers, I’m beginning to get a bit grumpy about Halloween. When I was young we had parties where we would bob for apples. Today, we’ve imported an American version of Halloween in which children are encouraged to dress-up (sometimes) and go door to door begging for sweets. It’s become a huge commercial venture to which I find myself saying “Bah, humbug!”

But there is one part of Halloween that I like – pumpkin carving. So I fully approve of today’s Google doodle which is a lovely time lapse of six enormous pumpkins being carved to spell out ‘Google’.

That got me wondering about Halloween typography and I found a site called naldzgraphics.net which offers 35 creepy Halloween fonts for free download. Fonts include PostCrypt, Gorestep, Zombie Holocaust, Kreepy Krawly and Midnight Hour. People really do take this Halloween business seriously.

Fortunately, there are plenty of people out there carving pumpkins with a sense of humour combined with a love of typography. I found these on a site called typophile.com:






And, the scariest of them all:







A (grumpy) Halloween to you all!





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